HOA Board: Benefits to having an HOA

HOA Board: Benefits to having an HOA

HOA fees can range from $100 to $1,000 per month. However, HOA board members tend to base these fees on how much the average community member makes. Homeowners shouldn't be that afraid of them.

On top of this, these HOA fees pay for many things that can benefit all who are living in an HOA community. Read on to learn about several HOA benefits.

HOA Amenities

Facilities in or near a community are often owned by someone. This person will charge fees to anyone who wants to use these facilities. Then the owner will use the fees to take care of the facility:

HOA Works Similarly

HOAs have something similar going on. They'll have facilities that are only available to community members. It may seem like these facilities are free, but the HOA pays for their maintenance with money from the HOA fees.

Examples of Facilities

Facilities that the community may use include gyms, pools, clubhouses, and more. Depending on how many times a community member uses these facilities, they could be paying less in HOA fees than facility owner fees would be.

Covering Certain Utility Charges

Homeowners usually don't like paying energy bills. An HOA can help with this. Many HOAs cover the cost of a community's utilities:

Covered by Fees

Such utilities include gas, trash, water, and recycling. The HOA will cover these using HOA fees. Since the fees pay for these and the amenities, the fees don't seem that bad now, do they?

Not Filling Out Bills

One great perk of this system is that community members won't have to handle the annoying bills themselves. They can leave that up to the HOA board members.

Community Activities

Are you struggling to feel connected to your local community? This won't be as much of an issue if you're living in an HOA community. If an HOA community is any good, it will bring the community together in several ways:

Community Activities

People often struggle with public activities because they may not have anything in common with the people at these events. This isn't the case with HOA community events. Everyone can talk about living in the community first.

Social connection is the main reason HOAs throw community block parties, holiday celebrations, and other events. Residents can connect with neighbors and board members. They can also let board members know of any issues they're having with the community.

Resident Meetings

Good HOAs also allow residents to express their opinions about the neighborhood. They can do this at special meetings that HOA members hold for community members. HOAs also hold these meetings so residents know about current community events.

We'll Be Your HOA Board

As you can see, having an HOA can benefit your community in several ways. If you don't have one yet, consider starting one.

However, you may find that running an HOA board is harder than you think. If you need help, use our Indian HOA community management services. We also offer several other Indiana real estate services.

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